How to find Profitable Untouched Niche using Alexa

How to find Profitable Untouched Niche using Alexa
How to find Profitable Untouched Niche using Alexa:

 How to find profitable untouchable niche using alexa

Alexa is analytics site where you can see your PAGE RANK of your site/blog. But do you know that using alexa you could find the untouched or rare niches.

How to find the profitable yet untouched niche using alexa?

All you need to do the following,

Step1: Open then alexa site –

Step2: Select “Browse top site” option in the menu.

Step3: In that you can find “The top 500 sites on the web”

Step4: There will be three types of classification,

By Country
By Category

On the top left corner.
Step5: Click the by category option.

In that you could see the following categories like,

Kids and teens

Step6: Select any category on your wish. Here to state as an example I had chosen the Health category.

In that you could see SUB-CATEGORIES of Health. Like,

Addiction (1,779)
Ageing (51)
Alternative (3,794)
Animal (3,883)
Beauty (336)
Child health (316)
Conditions and diseases (10,435)
Conferences (0)
Dentistry (414)
Directories (5)
Education (118)
Fitness (205)
Home health (180)
Medicine (8,416)
Men’s Health (146)
Mental Health (3,358)
News and media (147)
Nursing (759)
Nutrition (402)
Occupational Health and Safety (297)
Organizations (108)
Pharmacy (1,671)
Products and Shopping (0)
Professions (883)
Public Health and safety (2,101)
Regional (0)
Reproductive Health (1,242)
Resources (63)
Search engines (8)
Senior Health (445)
Senses (239)
Services (19)
Specific Substances (357)
Support Groups (202)
Teen Health (37)
Weight Loss (173)
Women’s Health (288)

Step7: Now the numbers indicate the potential or Rank holding sites in that particular section. Now what you have to do is find the niche with LESS COMPETITION or NO COMPETITION.

From the above given list find such niches. Here we spotted some niches, for example,

Conferences (0)
Directories (5)
Products and Shopping (0)
Regional (0)
Search engines (8)

Step8: Now the above mentioned are the shortlisted niche for your site.
Now, it’s time to select in which niche you wanted to enter.
Based on the above available details we are going to explain what select and what to not.
Here if you see at first we had shortlisted the

Conferences (0):
Generally it is not possible or highly tough to see a niche with Zero Rank holder. Which means this niche is untouched. So this is what we are searching for, “A better niche with ZERO Competition”.


Conferences niche is all about conducting on line conference and webinar.
It is advisable to conduct online conference with hired expertise in that arena. Or, you could create niche in such a way to organize the interface between the people who are need to attend the conference and the one who want to conduct the conference. It is very rare to see this type of zero ranking niches so in order to hold the rank in this niche will won’t take much time.
If you are very passionate and curious about this niche hardly it will take 3 to 4 months to get a rank this type of niche. This is niche is profitable and yet most untouched niche.


Yet another profitable niche is creating directory, if you could create a directory list and then maintain it. Then this type of niche will be more optimal for you. All you have to do is to create and good directory list with classification of all the required types, here the complex part is to segregate the data available with you. But once you completed this then it will be easy to maintain this type of niches.


If you are likely to start an ecommerce business for online shopping then this niche is one of the profitable niches. All you have to do is create an online shopping site based on the products such as health related stuff, but make sure you do follow all the rules and regulations, since you are dealing with health stuff. But since there is no competition in this niche it is very easy to get ranked and to thrive in business.
Doing this business in this type of niches will help you position yourself easily in your consumer mind. Within few months you will become the ultimate authority of your niche. And obviously profit is inevitable.
So if you are serious about doing online shopping business just throw a try at this niche. You might astonish about the results.


Regional stands for constraints within some boundary. It may be your,
1. Regional languages
2. Regional geographical location
What you have to choose is to focus on particular location is advisable, since
“The lesser the focused group the greater the reach will be”. If you have hand some of people to be focused on then a close rapport can be created among your clan.
So if you have a circle with considerable amount of people it is easy to manage them.
If you are good at your local language then it is an added advantage to thrive in this niche, if you are capable of writing health related tips in your local language, then you can throw try in this niche. Again if you can manage time and put up your effort then you can get a good rank in 3 to 6 months.


Creating a search engine is not as so easy niche to go through. Creating a Search engine is profitable niche. But it is not so easy to create search engine, even though you could see lot providers offering templates and all other related stuff to create search engines, it is not so effective way to do that.
But still if you are good at algorithms and have curious passion about coding then you can dive in to this niche. As we know “Nothing is impossible”.
You can feel that other search engine giants may affect your credibility. But actually all these will add value to your site and once if you get your visitors try to focus on Visitor retention.

Hope you understand how to find the profitable and most untouched niche using Alexa site.

The above given HEALTH category is just an example, if you are really good at something else then you can try this same strategy to that category too. The strategy to find the profitable niche or untouched niche remains the same. All you need to do is, find your area of interest and then get into that niche. Still if you don’t know anything about the niche then don’t worry no problem in that.

To know about any niche read a lot about that particular niche and try to acquire some basic knowledge about that particular niche. Soon in near future you will also flourish in that niche. J

Still if you want to know more about finding the profitable untouched niche using alexa or if you have any query then you can COMMENT. All your questions will be answered. Find the right niche for you…J


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Keyword Research

Keyword Research
Keyword Research:

The next important factor which influence the performance of your site is KEYWORD RESEARCH, proper keyword will drive a huge traffic to your site, where as the wrong can backfire too. So BE CAREFUL while selecting the keyword.

Some simple steps given below are about How to SELECT a KEYWORD AS AN EXPERT:

1. Have the Title and keyword same.

2. Just Google it. Yeah, this may look simple but this tip is really worthy, just type the keyword which you have in your mind, if you do so, you can find various pertinent KEYWORD to it grab a good one.

3. Benchmark you competitor, This is more easy one, just check the keyword with your competitor if he is doing good with it, then go with it or else find why does it not working and try to find a KEYWORD which fixes that issue.(Benchmark – Using others functional plan)

4. Avoid Clumsy KEYWORDS.
Example – This simple tip will drive you 100,000 visitors a day.
               Proven tip to increase your visitors in seven days.
Example shown above may seem good attract the visitors to your site, but once if he got bored with your CONTENT, he quit as soon as possible and he won’t likely come again. Since he feels that you got only title worthy not the CONTENT worthy.
MORAL – As we always say “CONTENT IS THE KING”

5. Use tools to select keyword,  probably you got a lot of tools like that on internet.

This from us, Still if you want to know some exact keyword for your particular niche, just comment below, we will be happy to you…J

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Registering Domain Name Tips

Registering Domain Name Tips
Registering Domain Name Tips:

 registering new domain tips

Domain name – The visiting card of your website, mostly domain name registering can be done based on the business of the domain. So if you are running a business and trying to sell your product online then you have to follow these tips to improve your business:

1. Buy a pack for long time validity – Since the company is treated as a GOING ON CONCERN, try to register a domain name with longer validity, and the added advantage is, If you buy long term domain name you are drastically reducing your REGISTERING COST. Since buying package for years is cheaper than subscribing for months.

2. Buy all extensions – If you are running a business with high competition then make sure you buy all or most of the extension (.com which is universal), in addition to that buy
Mostly, if your targeted customer falls within one region, then it is not necessary to buy all the domain.
EXAMPLE: If you are running an ANTIQUE STORE  in LONDON, you can buy only .uk extension.(as we know – uk stands for United Kingdom )

3. Make a survey – Before buying a pack COMPARE the pricing with all domain hosting websites, because sometimes the domain name on one site rate may vary from other, so make research before registering a domain name.

 4. Be in touch with their customer help line – Important point to be pondered is service after registering, since you may feel any issues with your website, you need to know about whom to contact with and how get the problem diagnosed.

5. Check for security compliance of hosting site – Make sure you are in safe hands and have a clear picture about your security and ask the help line if you still have any doubt. DON’T COMPROMISE ON SECURITY.

Hope you enjoy the post if you still have any doubt feel free to comment…J

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How To Book World's Cheapest Smartphone Freedom 251($3.67)

How To Book World's Cheapest Smartphone Freedom 251($3.67)
World’s Cheapest smartphone ever Freedom 251 at rupees.251:

Yes, now you could buy a smartphone at the price rs.251, isn’t that amazing, it is new initiative by startup India.
Technical features:
Display – 4 inches
Processor – 1.3 Ghz Quadcore processor
Camera – 3.2 megapixel rear, 0.3 megapixel front
Battery – 1450 mAh battery
Android version – Android 5.1 Lollipop
With one year warranty.
These features is more than enough for what we pay, this is the world’s cheapest smartphone ever.
How To Book Freedom  251:
Just register at this link given below:
Rush for your Smartphone.

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How to Change Silk Browser Search Engine to Google (Comment changer le moteur de recherche du navigateur de la soie à google)

How to Change Silk Browser Search Engine to Google (Comment changer le moteur de recherche du navigateur de la soie à google)
How to change silk browser search engine to google:

In this post we are going to see how to change the silk browser search engine to google.

Generally by default,Silk browser app use Microsoft's BING as search engine to search in web. If you want Google as your default search engine then you can easily change it by doing the following steps.

1. Go to the Menu button on the top left corner of the silk browser.
2. Tap Settings.
3. Then tap Search engines.
4. There you can see the options like
                                                     > Bing
                                                     > Google
                                                     > Yahoo
 select Google as your default search engine.

That's all very easy , hope this post will be useful to you, still if you have any doubt Comment.
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How To Increase Your Printer Ink By Optimizing

How To Increase Your Printer Ink By Optimizing
How To Increase Your Printer Ink By Optimizing:

Are you changing your printer ink frequently? Then go through this post and know to increase life of the printer ink.
Follow these simple steps given, in order to improve your ink in printer:

1. Select Font Wisely - In my personal experience i will suggest you to go for fonts like Garamond, courier and Times new roman. Because these fonts have quite lesser ink consumption while comparing to other fonts.

2. Focus on low DPI - DPI means Dots Per Inch, try to keep it low, if you maintain less DPI, then surely it will reduce your printer ink usage.

3. Have good paper - In order decrease your printer ink you should also focus on the quality of the paper, good paper quality consumes less ink, whereas poor paper qualtiy consumes lot of ink.

The above given are the simple steps which everyone can make use of it, in order to increase the life of your printer ink. Still if you have any doubt then Comment.

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