Registering Domain Name Tips

Registering Domain Name Tips:

 registering new domain tips

Domain name – The visiting card of your website, mostly domain name registering can be done based on the business of the domain. So if you are running a business and trying to sell your product online then you have to follow these tips to improve your business:

1. Buy a pack for long time validity – Since the company is treated as a GOING ON CONCERN, try to register a domain name with longer validity, and the added advantage is, If you buy long term domain name you are drastically reducing your REGISTERING COST. Since buying package for years is cheaper than subscribing for months.

2. Buy all extensions – If you are running a business with high competition then make sure you buy all or most of the extension (.com which is universal), in addition to that buy
Mostly, if your targeted customer falls within one region, then it is not necessary to buy all the domain.
EXAMPLE: If you are running an ANTIQUE STORE  in LONDON, you can buy only .uk extension.(as we know – uk stands for United Kingdom )

3. Make a survey – Before buying a pack COMPARE the pricing with all domain hosting websites, because sometimes the domain name on one site rate may vary from other, so make research before registering a domain name.

 4. Be in touch with their customer help line – Important point to be pondered is service after registering, since you may feel any issues with your website, you need to know about whom to contact with and how get the problem diagnosed.

5. Check for security compliance of hosting site – Make sure you are in safe hands and have a clear picture about your security and ask the help line if you still have any doubt. DON’T COMPROMISE ON SECURITY.

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