How To Increase Your Printer Ink By Optimizing

How To Increase Your Printer Ink By Optimizing:

Are you changing your printer ink frequently? Then go through this post and know to increase life of the printer ink.
Follow these simple steps given, in order to improve your ink in printer:

1. Select Font Wisely - In my personal experience i will suggest you to go for fonts like Garamond, courier and Times new roman. Because these fonts have quite lesser ink consumption while comparing to other fonts.

2. Focus on low DPI - DPI means Dots Per Inch, try to keep it low, if you maintain less DPI, then surely it will reduce your printer ink usage.

3. Have good paper - In order decrease your printer ink you should also focus on the quality of the paper, good paper quality consumes less ink, whereas poor paper qualtiy consumes lot of ink.

The above given are the simple steps which everyone can make use of it, in order to increase the life of your printer ink. Still if you have any doubt then Comment.


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